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Click! It was almost an audible sound that occurred when Julie O. Hoover and Patsy P. Anderson began working together in 2006. At the time, they were working on a joint project and soon realized that they were a great compliment to each other. Blowing Rock Interiors came about soon after.

Julie began her professional career in her hometown of Atlanta Georgia. Working in the wholesale gift trade, beginning with showroom design and set up and over the years moving into developing exclusive gift collections for such Department Stores as May Company. She was instrumental in designing the original Dancing Santa™, which was featured on Oprah’s favorite things and sold to over 1.5 million eager buyers. Her product development took her deep into China, Thailand, Indonesia and India. Her thorough knowledge of the wholesale industry has brought an invaluable business sense that always keeps value in mind.

Along the way, a long list of friends clamored for her design skills. Like Patsy who lived in Dallas Texas at the time, her dream job began! Both decorators started with clients that trusted their instincts, their sense of style and their shared knowledge of the products, services and innovations available to the trade.

Like Julie, Patsy fielded requests from friends that entered her home and experienced an immediate “wow” factor. Soon, she began designing and decorating homes of friends, homes of friend’s friends, and friend’s friend’s friend’s homes… well, you get the picture. The business grew quickly by word of mouth. Included in the process, was a Christmas Interior Design business. Several years ago, Patsy moved to the North Carolina Mountains and the request for her design skills were in constant demand. It was while working on a contract basis with an established local interior design firm; Patsy and Julie met and clicked! They share a commitment and a vision for what they wanted to bring to their customers. As before, word of mouth from satisfied clients has proved to be the best of advertising.

Blowing Rock Interiors brings a unique, exciting and eclectic mix to clients. Believing the process for the client should be an enjoyable one, the partnership works hard to insure that the goal of beauty, function and satisfaction is achieved and an enduring relationship is formed.

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